Monday, May 28, 2007

Still here!

(No thanks to Michael Chabon.) So in the interest of trying to continue my catchup, here are a few more items:
Two weeks ago, a bird flew into the house. (In continuing my tradition of talking about pictures I can't show you, I will tell you that we have several. And he was cute.) He came right in the kitchen door, which was very easy because I have yet to fix the screen that came off just before the Bird Incident. Luckily for the bird, the dogs were outside. And lucky for us, he flew upstairs into our bedroom, which has a balcony door. So we shut the door to the rest of the house and proceeded to hop up and down alternately on the bed, the dresser, and a lovely antique trunk (which I will also not be posting photos of), waving our arms and trying to gently get him out to freedom. This went on for some time. Remarkably, he managed not to poop on the bed, the furniture, or either of us. He kept landing up high and almost getting out the door, perching just above the frame or hanging jauntily from the portable screen, as if mocking us. The only thing better than photos of said bird would be video of myself and the b.h. trying to shoo him outside. Alas, you have neither, which makes this story a lot less interesting.
On the garden front, my peppers are taking for-fucking-ever to get going. This is intensely frustrating as I have spent much time and energy (and money, which I don't even want to think about at the moment) growing the little buggers from seed, dragging them in and out of the house to protect them from the elements, finally forming actual beds with actual soil, planting them in nutrient rich soil, only to find them crawling along. Ugh. This is largely due to the insane drought our state is currently experiencing, (which is also fueling the now famous wildfires, which span both Georgia and Florida, and are damaging my lungs on a daily basis), as the plants are not fond ( I only recently learned) of our incredibly chlorinated tap water. So short of buying an expensive filtration sysytem for the garden spigot, i am relegated to watering, mulching, and feeding (the organic fertilizer I bought smells like a corpse. Come to think of it, there's probably a reason for that...)the little buggers, all I can do is hope that the rain eventually comes, and that when it does it doesn't wash them away. Mostly this is frustrating me because it is preventing me from participating in the Farmer's Market, and I really, really want to be involved.
On a better note, the rock has continued to roll here in our fair city. The fabulous Fleshtones graced the stage at tasty World last week. I had missed them the last time around, and when I asked Murphy (the owner of said establishment) why the lead singer looked so familiar, he said, "Well, he did host 120 Minutes for a long time." No shit? Wow! So the show that was arguably the most responsible for broadening my musical horizons and making me the woman I am today was hosted by that guy? Awesome. They were really great- lively and loud, and dancing on the bar (in the good way, not in the Will-fucking-Hogue, pretend spontineity way (Have I mentioned how much that guy sucks? Well he does. Stay away.) So yeah. I look forward to their return.
The real surprise came the next night. J. Roddy Walston and the Business opened a show and completely blew me away. I was ecstatic. They were so good that my friend K, who is a sound guy (which means he's more jaded about bands than I am), even liked it. I bought a shirt and a CD, and I have not stopped talking about them since. Wow. In my job, that's the best thing you can hope for, really. Having a band you have never heard of or heard anything about just come in and kick your ass is about the best feeling there is. I can't wait until they come back.
I had another interview with the National Coffee Chain. Lots of people have been aghast when i mentioned seeking employment there, but I have to say that insurance is sounding pretty attractive to me right now. I haven't seen a doctor (aside from the the ones at the Emergency Room) in eight years, and I think the dentist has been nine. And I probably need glasses at this point, too. So yeah, I can froth milk for full coverage. The guy that I had the second interview with was particularly cool. He has visions of community involvement for the NCC, geared mostly toward local and organic food and education, which are two things that I (obviously) care deeply about. He is looking for somebody to help him institute(word choice?) some programs. And sling coffee. Cross your fingers kids. Momma needs a new pair of glasses.
I still haven't decided whether or not I want to apply to the Organic F@rming Certificate program. It's not that I don't feel like it would be useful. It's just that i can't decide if it is $5,000 useful. We'll see.
Okay, so that's it for now. A.J. is in town, so I suspect that this may be my last chance to sit on my ass and read for awhile.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Okay, so I have been gone a long, long time. The reasons are many, including but not limited to a death in the b.h.'s family, a visit from some of my family, computer glitches, and the sheer overwhelming amount of shit I have done. I can't even begin to begin. But here goes:

Dog Hair Cuts. They are adorable, if somewhat less fuzzy. I would love to post some photos, but I can't seem to get my camera and my computer on speaking terms. Suffice to say that Wyatt has gone from mini German Shepherd to fat opossum in no time flat.

The school year has finally ended at UGA, which brings our business down a considerable percentage, making my job less intense and less lucrative in the process. I have been filling my time so far, but not so much the bank account. More on that later.

Rural Mississippi. As depressing as you imagine it, and even hotter. Met the rest of the b.h.'s family. It went well. At least as well as you could hope for under the circumstances.

The Beauvilles. A really excellent rock band that played in town recently, redeeming the state of Florida very slightly in my mind. Check them out.

The Drams. A highlight in an otherwise fairly dark month- got to have dinner with them at our friend J's house, so got to have real conversation as opposed to the kind that we usually get, shouted over the bar between bands. I love those guys more than I can possibly say. You might, too. We also drove to Macon to see them play the next night and it was amazing. The set was like two hours long, and Macon was true to form in that the audience was incredibly enthusiastic despite having never heard the band before. It was great fun. My friend K stayed here with the boys so we could spend the night and take our time getting back. I picked up a lovely cement bust of Elvis along the way. I will also post a photo of that when I get my camera and my computer to reconcile. Oooh- and I managed to get a decent recording of The Drams covering Blue Eyes, a traditional song that is one of my favorites. There is more to tell, but right now I am knee deep in a Michael Chabon novel that I picked up on the bargain shelf at B & N yesterday. More later, promise.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Are You Local?

It turns out that my new favorite laundry soap is. Well, local-ish, anyway. It is made in North Carolina, it comes in what amounts to a small brown paper bag, is certified biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypo-allergenic. It doesn't smell like anything, and you only need a tablespoon to wash a whole load of clothes. Yay! It's called Charlies Soap. The label says it "Cleans everything from silk frillies to shop rags."
So yeah- I had a good day at Earthf@re today. They also have a sale on body care products, so I got more cardamom mint foot lotion (drool), and some Tom's fennel toothpaste. Cut some flowers from the garden, weeded, put up a new fence (Kilgore's ability to leap fences continues to astound and frustrate me), and consoled a heartsick friend for about two hours on the phone. Now it's time to turn off the brain, open a beer, and watch a dvd.
Happy Sunday, y'all.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


I came home and posted after work last night. I don't remember everything I said, but it was a fairly lengthy, definitely snarky, and potentially funny account of last evening's frat-tivities. I don't know how or why, but it got lost. I know I was not drunk (not for lack of desire to drink away the pain, but for lack of time in which to consume the quantity of alcohol that would be required to do so. Plus, I am the designated driver.), but I somehow obviously managed not to hit either the 'save' or 'publish' button. Ah well, such is life. I'm sure it's funnier in my head anyway. Suffice to say that I told a guy that i was going to "Come over the bar and hurt (him)", and then truned and sweetly asked somebody's dad "What can I get for you, darlin'?"
We watched a documentary yesterday called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It is reviewed and critiqued very well over at hyperbolically challenged, the link to which is to your left. I will just say that it was interesting and informative, and made me wish for the umpteenth time that I lived somewhere else.

Friday, May 04, 2007


That's Mayday, as in S.O.S., not rites of Spring and whatnot. I have been at a creative low ebb. I (gasp) don't feel as if I have anything to say. I have been a bad, bad blogger. I don't mean to be both sporadic and boring, but honestly I just can't think of anything interesting to talk about at the moment. I did finally get the garden mulch, but one truckload turned out to be less than I thought it would be, so I have to get another truckload before I can plant. I did manage to get some fennell in the ground. It has to have its own bed because it doesn't play well with others. Cross your fingers for me that it takes. I absolutely love the stuff.

We did get to see Spider Man 3 the other night. Can't get into too much detail, as I never know who might be lurking online, but we have a friend who works at a local theater and occasionally will preview something at 3am. We liked it a lot. But then, I'm pretty easy when it comes to super hero flicks. Venom looked cool and scary, the Sand Man CGI was absolutely killer. I have seen some shitty reviews of this movie. Somebody said it was "over the top"(?). I personally find that hilarious, because in my humble opinion, it's what these movies are about.

Somewhere in the middle of that movie I started feeling pretty gross, and by the end I had a full-fledged cold, which I am still nursing. So too tired to think of more fun stuff to say. Many thanks to Z for giving me both reading material and eye candy whilst I cough and weeze and consume much tea.

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