Monday, August 13, 2012

It probably says something about me that I would rather spend my lunch hour in a closet (storage room) full of wine, seated on a hard piece of plastic and leaning against a cardboard box, than sit with my co-workers on a leather couch in the break room, or worse, out with The Public in our "cafe" (which consists of a counter at a window facing the street).
Things have been better. Work is at least leveling off to a general stupid rather than a constant and grating horrible. The b.h. and I are having a great time. We saw The Afghan Whigs last weekend at The Metro, a club in which I spent many of my formative years as a live music fanatic. The band is one of his favorites. I have always enjoyed some of their stuff but remained relatively ambivalent about them in general. I even felt bad about not giving the ticket away to somebody who cares more than I do, as the show was sold out. Luckily I got over that. It happened about ten seconds into the first song, which you can experience yourself on the yew toob should you so choose. They are normally a four piece standard rock outfit, but since they've just reunited after many years, and they were in town for that silly Palooza thing, they had all kinds of extras. Three backup singers, three horns, and extra guitar. There were twelve people on stage and holy cow they blew my mind. Stupendous. We will be seeing them again in October.
There are other shows on the calendar as well. Lyle Lovett is next week at Ravinia, Wes Hollywood the following Tuesday, and upcoming fabulousness from Patterson Hood, The Whigs (no relation), Will Johnson and Anders Parker, Leonard Cohen, Springsteen... I'm like a kid in a candy store.
Been seeing plenty of family and old friends as well, which is good for the soul. Three visits from out of Townes already, each providing a good excuse to eat fantastically well.