Monday, September 24, 2012

More evidence of the healing power of rock and roll and old friends as the b.h. and I stayed up way past our bedtime last night and I still feel remarkably refreshed. Patterson Hood brought his Downtown Rumblers to a fancy new winery here in the Windy Shitty. The service was appalling and the food mediocre, and I couldn't have cared less. We saw old friends and great music and even met some nice folks along the way.
I'm still not comfortable with the passage of time. I find it nearly impossible to believe how long I've been seeing the Truckers in their various incarnations, and how many friends I have made thanks to my musical fanaticism. Not even shit traffic and a commute through the West Side this morning could dampen my spirits.

Next up: Will Johnson and Anders Parker on Friday at Schubas. It's gonna be a sleepless week in between, too. Can't wait.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Today we toured the home garden of Rick B@yless. The tour was led by his gardener- one of four, actually, who tend the thousand square foot paradise.
Absolutely stunning, needless to say. Also somewhat inspiring. Now we're on the couch watching the new season of Dexter.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I got to see my old friend A today for a few hours. She was so hungover that she was green when I picked her up at her mom's house. We laughed about it of course, but I knew she wished she would die. We stopped for sandwiches on our way to running errands and shopping, and after she vomited copiously in the ladies she perked up considerably. I tried on twelve pairs of pants today and bought one. I also tried on many, many shoes, but since my current job is keeping me from wearing any of the great shoes I already have, it was easy to deny myself.
Mostly it was nice just to spend time with her and catch up and bullshit around. I dropped het at the airport this afternoon knowing full well that i wont see her again for months, but also taking comfort in the fact that when I do we will pick up right where we left off.
Tonight the b.h. And I took the dogs and went to my sister's for dinner. Other Sister was there as well. The weather was lovely and we drank and ate and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I just love the fall. It is so good to be home.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I believe my phone has killed this blog. On the bright side, my photo blog is getting very regular posts, because the camera is so easy to use that I can take and post a picture while doing almost anything- including driving. But this tiny keyboard is not so eAsy to navigate.
We saw Springsteen last weekend at Wrigley Field. It was cold and we got rained on for over an hour, but it was absolutely transcendent- everything I hoped it would be, and more, thanks to the surprise appearance of Tom Morello and Eddie Vedder.

Work is getting progressively better. I will likely never be completely content working for a giant international corporation, but I am having more success at the day to day, and I am finding some enjoyment in the job.

Today we're going down to Lincoln Park to see J. Roddy Walston and the Business, after which I will head to work for the evening. Later, I might go see my friend Wes Hollywood's new band, and tomorrow I will visit my parents and an old friend who is in town for the weekend from California. So I guess you could say that I am doing everything I came home to do.

Now I just have to get my shit together and write about it more.