Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today was one of those days when I had to convince myself not to quit my job. 

The really difficult/beautiful thing about this particular job is that no one is actually looking over my shoulder. I could conceivably just go fuck off for an entire day, or hell an entire week, and as long as I put the orders through at the end of each day, nobody would notice. Unfortunately I have an actual work ethic, so the likelihood that I will ever take advantage of that is remote. 
Four more weeks until the BH and I have a four day weekend. We have zero days off together right now, and that has been very difficult. He's not very happy with his job either, and there's really no way for him to change his schedule right now, so were kind of stuck where we're at. 

I'm certain that I failed to mention the excruciating trips I have recently taken to the chiropractor. I injured myself a couple of months ago when I fell on the ice outside the house, and I pretty much ignored the pain that I was in until I started to wake up every morning with my left arm completely numb. I haven't even gotten adjusted by the chiropractor because I'm in such terrible shape, but I am doing physical therapy and things are getting better. I feel 100 years old.

Goddamn I am so boring.

Now you see why haven't been writing.

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