Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crossing My Fingers.

So we found a new home for the girl. No calls or responses from the fliers, but thanks to our friend B, she now has some deoggie friends and four acres to roam on. Thanks, B. Also, I have ordered a new power cord for the computer, so hopefully by this time next week I will be able to spend enough time online to blog something more interesting. Until then...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Time, Flies.

So it's been forever since I checked in. Things have been somewhat busy and insane, and at the same time pretty effing boring. On the home pest front, I seem to have conquered the moths at long last. The mice, however, are an entirely different story. We keep catching and releasing them, and they keep reproducing. I guess it keeps the dogs busy.

On the dog front, we have another dog. Not on purpose, and not permenantly (she said, crossing her fingers), but at about two in the morning a week ago, she ran out in front of my car and I got out and chased her down. She had a collar, but no tags. SHe was obviously an inside dog, and had obviously not been out for long. She was clean and fed, and that's what makes the whole thing even weirder. We have contacted various vets, animal control offices in both counties, and hung up fliers all over the place, and nobody has called looking for her. WTF? How is this possible? Look at this face!

Seriously, how can she not be missed?!

So the bed has been a bit crowded, but we are all adjusting. And Sunday we had yet another emergency visit to the vet, this time with KG. He's fine, but it was a good reminder that we realy can't afford to keep the new girl.

Work has been mostly boring. We are fortunate enough to have made some money in the past two weeks, and so were able to pay the vet, but the coming weeks are not looking good. And for whatever reason, the cold weather has not brought our fruit fly problem to an end. In fact, they seem to be taking over. It's pretty gross. At night they tend to spread out over the mirrors and shelves, hovering just out of reach, while I stalk them as nonchalantly as possible with a towel and a spray bottle full of windex while the customers are looking the other way. I had to chuck out an entire bottle of Wild Turkey, which is apparently their preferred brand of liquor, after noticing (thankfully *not* while attempting to serve it) twenty or thirty of them floating in one bottle.
Other than that, I have been trying to keep up with my online class (two weeks to go and I am about two weeks behind), fighting a nasty cold (I lost), and writing Christmas cards (don't be too impressed, I'm not likely to actually send them before the 23rd). Oh yeah, and our computer is effed up as well. So yeah, it's been a little hectic. And now the holidays are looming. Yikes.

So hey... anybody want a dog?

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I guess it's been awhile, huh? My Parents were here for a week's visit, after which I managed to pull a muscle somewhere in my neck/upper back area that rendered me mostly immobile for a few days, after which the dog got sick and was dry heaving for almost an entire day-- which meant, of course, no sleep for me. Oh, and the b.h.'s granny was very seriously ill for a few days, too.
So now my folks are gone (it was a very nice visit), granny's better, my neck is better, and it's back to the daily grind.
The dog is also better. The vet didn't have what I would call a good bedside manner. I basically took him in because he had a stomach problem of some sort and she took a bunch of x-rays and did blood work (both very expensive, x-rays were probably not necessary). She showed me the x-rays (which look remarkably like bones and multiple globs of nothing, really-- at least if you took English Literature instead of Science, which I did), and before the blood work even came back she started talking about barium and more x-rays and -wait for it- EXPLORATORY SUGERY. Well, that's not what you want to hear after not having slept all night because you were up with a sick dog and you have just drained your bank account for the current visit. When the bloodwork came back, she wrote a prescription for antibiotics, and now he's fine. I still kind of want to kill her, though. Our usual vet is an older guy (Doctor Bob, we call him, because we like the way it sounds better than his last name), but obviously it was an emergency so we had to get in immediately. Ugh. I need a beer just from talking about it. Anyway, the girl who printed out my paperwork and ran my bank card actually gasped when she looked at how much my bill was. Then she said,
"Don't you just wish you could put your pet on YOUR health insurance?" Which is somewhat hilarious, because that implies that I HAVE insurance, and I haven't had it in over ten years.
Ah well. Back to normal now, I suppose.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Good Start.

Well, Majority in the House and Senate, and Rumsfled is finally, finally, finally gone. No, it's not perfect. But now I at least dare to hope. I saw this quote today and it seemed appropo.

"Americans will always do the right thing, after they have exhausted all the alternatives" - Winston Churchill.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Way Scarier Than Halloween.

Yeah, so it's Election Day. I don't think I need to tell anybody why that terrifies me. I have serious doubts that we can change anything anymore- what with the Diebold machines and all (I'll be using one to cast my ballot), the Republicans can act as worried as they want to, but we all know they are practised at stealing elections and the country is practised at shutting up and going along. There are already irregularities being reported at all kinds of polling stations, and I've only just got out of bed. Ah well, we'll just have to see.
My parents are in town, which is fun. I don't really have much else to report. Just sitting here holding my breath.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Busy Busy.

The rest of last week was busy, but not blogworthy. Halloween was totally fabulous- no surprise there. There was a Cramps cover band at Tasty World, and since the chick playing guitar was in her underwear, The Creepiest Guy In Athens was there, standing right in front of her and taking a million pictures. I took a few myself, as you can see. The drag queens were a hoot, as usual. The Ramones cover band rocked. Good times were had by all.
I'm not really feeling very chatty at the moment, so I think I'll let the photos speak for me.